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Leaflets & Flyers


Leaflets and flyers can be a cost-effective and direct method of promoting your business. Whether it’s reminding people where you are or what you do, special deals or price changes, put it down on paper and either post it through the letter box or slip it into a magazine to be delivered.

Leaflets are a proven marketing tool and one which WCB has years of experience with. How do we know this? Because here at Winsor Clarke Brackenbury we’ve been using this method for years and it works. We can either design one for you or work with your design.

All you have to do is tell us what you’re promoting and we will print it on card ready to post or slip into a newspaper or magazine. So whether it’s telling people a new deal, change of address, promotion or voucher, speak to us at WCB and we’ll get it sorted.

Leaflet/Flyer Marketing Ideas

To gain maximum advantage you can print on both sides of the leaflet or flyer, or maybe share the cost of printing and distribution with another related business, with each firm sharing space?

Once you’ve decided the design, you’ll have to decide how we print it. Leaflets & flyers can be printed in either 4/c process or in pantone colours – (PMS) 1/c, 2/c or 3/c to suit your requirements. We normally print leaflets on 130gms to 170gm silk/gloss or uncoated, 80gms-100gram bond.


Leaflet/Flyer Sizes

Size-wise, we’d recommend A4 (210×297), A5 (148.5x210m) or 1/3 A4 (210x99mm) all of which can be folded to a third of their size for ease of delivery.
On quantities of less than 2,000 the most cost effective method is using our digital print process whilst for larger quantities, our litho print process is the most economical. As with all of our designs, we’ll always give you a proof copy before we start the main print run.

If you need prices or more information, call Winsor Clarke Brackenbury on 01473 254817 or contact us here.